first freeze - polfa

Last weekend was the first really cold one this winter. After all it's December already! As long as it's not wet or snowy, for sure Polfa will keep filling up with bike polo folk every weekend! Keep warm guys!


fall in krakow

Despite the November chilliness, bike polo practice brought about 15 people with polo bikes to Polfa pool in Krakow. But what keeps you warm better than quick pick up games timed with a mechanical kitchen timer!


nyc bike polo

New York was the only place I did not play at for the first time this vacation. I had a chance to play with the local crew in 2010 for the first time. However the crew did change to some extend, the spot did not: The Pit still is home to nyc bike polo. Situated in the middle of downtown Manhattan, kinda in Chinatown, kinda in the Lower East Side, it's always full of passer by's so you're giving a constant show playing there! Also, the hustle-bustle of Downtown, with all the honking, people makes the place a constant freak show that leaves unforgettable memories of bike polo there!


philly bike polo

Only got to play once in Philadelphia, however played more with Philadelphia folk in Lancaster. It wasn't as dark as LA or San Francisco, but I'm still not satisfied with the pictures' quality. Glad to have spent over 5 days in Philly!


LA no manners

Probably the worst quality polo pictures I've ever taken. It was soooo dark in LA! I mean, there was certainly enough light and booze to play, no good for photos though. Amazing crew, especially guys from "the manor" who were kind enough to host us! Thanks Krista, Dusty, Sara, Brian, but also Steve and Kobo for driving us as well as (sorry if I misspelled it!) And everyone else on the courts, Eli, Bobby, the Joker crew from the Valley that kicked our (LA/east Europe) ass... The messengers for their reckless drunkenness... Fun times!


bpck: november pickups at polfa

Breaking up the series of American polo. A few shots from last Saturday in Kraków - a beautiful day of polo, bbq and beers. It's a time of warm afternoons and very nippy evenings!
I also uploaded a video of one of the games, shaky as it is it shows what happens when you forget about a goalie! (link)


san francisco bike polo

Although I posted about Lancaster Bike Polo first, San Francisco was actually the first stop on my polo tour of the US this fall. They play at tennis courts in the Mission district, asphalt, lights, no boards, but they improvise with two by fours and garbage cans. Of course I was welcomed with a bottle of scotch.