national stadium

Thanks to Polish Hardcourt Bike Polo Assn. we now have a court inside the National Stadium in Warsaw! It's still the winter and it's still Poland, so we have to gear up for the cold, but we did have a chance to play a bit there already. Have a look at these pictures from setting up the court as well as some pickup.


I < 3 polfa

A week ago I played at Bike Polo Club Kraków. I played so much that this is the only picture I'm able to post. So much fun!
Also, remember to look up #bikepolove on instagram! I tag #bikepolove whenever I'm posting about bike polo, and so can you! :)


december in warsaw and krakow

We've been very lucky this year, the weather has been mild both in Krakow and up in Warszawa. Here are a few shots from weekend pickups at Foxal and Polfa. OK, I'm off to polo!
Happy New Year!