ghettocourt: stegny

Stegny is a hockey rink in Warsaw. It's a commercial establishment, so it's the only place we have to pay to play polo, but it's cheap and it's totally worth it! This is the best surface in the world! Super smooth concrete, 1,5m high walls and flood lights at night. The only problem is that it is super big, so we play 4 on 4, yesterday even 5 on 5! :)



Płynne przejście między sobotnim i niedzielnym bike polo na Foksal w Warszawie.



In case you were wondering how It's done in the Pololand! A film by jestwysoko.com on the tournament that took place in Krakow last month. Check it out!


ghettocourt: foksal

Foksal is the main polo spot for the ghettocourt bike polo, connecting Warsaw's polo community.
Last picture by Zuzia <3


2012 euros qualifier at szeged, hu


blog launch/ a statement

Initially, I meant to launch a photoblog on Polish Bike Polo Scene. After a few weeks of chats with fellow players and trying to come up with a name I figured the ultimate one. Like most of the people I spend time with, I LOVE BIKE POLO! Therefore bikepolove, a place for me to share my polo moments, and for you to (re) experience it. So, from now on, wherever I happen to be on a bike with a mallet in my hand, You'll know! Enjoy! 321polo.