gloomy christmas throw ins at polfa

Last Sunday before Christmas was very misty and gloomy. Nevertheless, we've gathered at Polfa to hit the ball around and have some fun on the court, probably for the last time this year.
Thank you, Bike Polo Club Kraków for another amazing year of polo!


back to polfa

It's really been a while since I played at Bike Polo Club Kraków's home court - Polfa. Today we took advantage of sunshine and dragged our polo bikes out of the apartment. So happy to play for the first time since Warsaw Open!


warsaw open vol.4

The last tournament of the season. Warsaw Open in its fourth edition was an international tournament which, as usual, connected western and eastern European polo. Sixteen teams from ten cities (Warsaw, Kraków, Lublin, Berlin, Leipzig, Nürnberg, Riga, Pardubice, Prague, Vilnius) competed for the WO4 Championship. Congrats to Madej, Pajac and Szemek for the double final win!
It was so much fun watching different styles of polo and enjoying one of the last nice autumn weekends in a beautiful Warsaw suburb of Anin, 30 minute polo bike ride from the center. Throwing a lot of pictures here, some more to follow on facebook.


czech hardcourt championship 2015

Last weekend I took part in the smallest tournament ever. So far the smallest one was 2011 (i think!) two on two indoor tourney we organized in Kraków. It was five teams. Prague champs had four teams. I really liked a family sort of vibe at this event! We had polo, music, mulled wine, BBQ, I also brought some single origin coffee and was brewing free coffee for everyone round the clock. After Polish champs, It's another event I'm doing that, hope to make it a habit!
Have a look at how cosy it was in Prague last weekend. Congrats to Golem for beating us in the final and to all the other teams out there!