3rd polish hardcourt bike polo champs - day 2

Second day of the 3rd PHBPC was even better both in terms of weather and the quality of games. We played one game to the golden goal, and it eventually lasted 25 mins! Everyone I talked to said it was the best game of the tournament. And so much fun too!


3rd polish hardcourt bike polo champs - day 1

A week ago the third Polish National Champs were hosted by Bike Polo Club Kraków. We came up with a super smooth court and amazing boards (thumbs up, Wyjatkowy Prezent!) Here's the day 1, day 2 coming up, as well as some extras I'm going to put up on facebook. Here is the official website: 3 Mistrzostwa Polski Bike Polo.


london open day 2 - 26/08/2012

Sunday was more generous to us in terms of weather. I'm posting just game pictures here this time, some of Apollo 3 and Tora Tora Tora (two of four "Polish" teams at the LO), some of the finals, though there was no light. Will put up something more, maybe only on facebook though.


london open rain - 25/08/2012

Finally getting around London pictures. Starting off with the cause of the whole tournament delay on Saturday...