weekday pickups back to foxal court

Daylight savings (zmiana czasu :) no longer screws with daylight during the week, so we're able to meet up at the Foxal court in downtown Warsaw. Haven't played here in a while (haven't played polo in a while in general), and it was great to play on the super smooth and grippy concrete again. Also, we had enough people to fight for who's in the next pickup which is always a sign polo is picking up after the slower, winter season.


warsaw: indoor polo & shoot

Yesterday a few of us got together to have a film crew take some pictures of us playing and to play in this amazing indoor spot just minutes from downtown Warsaw. Check out the pictures, and wait for updates about the video!

EDIT: Here is the music video!


spring at polfa

Posting some of the pictures from my last time at Polfa, Kraków's court. There are rumors about another tournament there too.
Spring is ON in Pololand!