chris in the water

A #throwbackthursday post. Last month we toured all the way up to Vilnius to take part in their first bike polo tournament - "chris in the water". The court was slick, the weather perfect and I was priviledged to play with Krakow's Fidget Midgets and WIN! Great job on the tournament you guys, can't wait for more polo happening in Vilnius!
[ We never asked - who on earth is Chris??]


madej trip 2

Like last summer, we visited Madej (the Beardless, BPCK) in this village to play polo and take advantage of the beautiful countryside. Last time was a blast, but this year was no different. So many oldtimers of BPCK coming together to play some polo, ride bikes together, swim, drink and spend 24 hours a day outsides.


warsaw bike polo

A week ago I had a chance to play in Warsaw for the first time in a while. It was great polo, with players from Warsaw, Kraków, but also Germany, Barcelona and Oslo! Great summer evening, under the rainbow. Posting just a few pictures from one game - I was playing all the time!