final day of berlin: mixed 2015

Final day of the tournament always makes for best games and strongest hangovers. I for one closed saturday with a 3AM, 30-minute, beer-accompanied ride on a polo bike.
Here are results, way to go, Octopussy, nice one Alej, awesome to see a fellow veteran polo player that still's got the magic! <3
Have a look at my final impressions from berlin: mixed 2015!


day two of berlin: mixed 2015

Day two of last weekend started with the worst possible news, unimaginable frankly: due to a mistake on the Podium (a web based service to run tournament schedules), two teams simply dropped out of the swiss rounds randomly. Including my team, Vaffanculo. First tournament in a very long time and such a bad news! I was miserable, tried to talk the situation through with everyone who's got any experience with the Podium, but no solution was to be found. The problem is real and needs to be addressed, just haven't got around doing so. Despite the worst tournament nightmare, I think I made use of the time I had on Saturday, playing some pickup, going away to grab some coffee from Five Elephant coffee roasters (my favorite in Berlin) and, for the most part, hanging out with polo friends from all over Europe. Thus this post isn't so much about the courts, but about people. Happy people of hardcourt bike polo :)


day one of berlin: mixed 2015

Three courts on an old landing strip, polo friends from all over Europe, streets of Berlin. First time in Berlin since last spring, first real tournament since Barcelona.
It was awesome to get my ass kicked again! I hereby end my polo retirement, time to play some more!