winter polo is on

So we spent two hours to get rid of the snow and ice today at Polfa.  It also took 60 kilos of road salt.  But we managed and everyone was thrilled to play for the last time in 2014. See you next year, Polfa!
PS. Talk about brave new world: this post was made entirely on my cellphone.


november at polfa

Despite the national holiday (All Saints' Day), when everyone is running around cemeteries like headless chickens, we managed to assemble the crew for some throw ins. Short days, long pickups... From Polfa with love. x st.


barcelona open 2014

Barcelona Open (or Open Barcelona) was certainly the tournament of the year for me. Everyone was laid back (remeber it was a week after the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in France), the setting was spectacular and the games were interesting and clean. For me it was a superb vacation with a backdrop of London.
Check out my footage from Fronton (the main court) and Agora. I'm glad I only sat down to these pictures now, It's even a bigger pleasure to look at them during a miserable central-european autumn!