madej trip 2

Like last summer, we visited Madej (the Beardless, BPCK) in this village to play polo and take advantage of the beautiful countryside. Last time was a blast, but this year was no different. So many oldtimers of BPCK coming together to play some polo, ride bikes together, swim, drink and spend 24 hours a day outsides.


warsaw bike polo

A week ago I had a chance to play in Warsaw for the first time in a while. It was great polo, with players from Warsaw, Kraków, but also Germany, Barcelona and Oslo! Great summer evening, under the rainbow. Posting just a few pictures from one game - I was playing all the time!


sons of pavel II

Last weekend was the second edition of Sons of Pavel four on four tournament. In addition to four player team format, there was a no-goalie rule, and flat pedals only policy in place which turned out pretty cool (thanks fixcraft for sponsoring flats for all the players!) It was interesting to watch top players foot down in situations we usually jump out of, and much more tactical play than on our regular format. Also, Dany praised flat pedals for their accessibility - it is much more inviting to newbies to see us play on bikes they could use themselves - not the tricky, professional cleats. I bow my head to that, as we always need new players!
Thanks Prague for the amazing weekend, hopefuly see you next year!