perth bike polo

It was one of my last days in Perth last year when I joined with the local crew for some throw-ins. It was good to reconnect again with some polo friends met in London and Barcelona.
The sun was brutal that afternoon and I was after a whole day of riding (Perth is a very sprawling city), but I was welcomed warmly with cool beer and some polo bikes to borrow. Also, it was winter back in Europe so I didn't mind the heat.

the pit - NYC bike polo

While courtless here in Kraków (we've finally lost our court after 7 years), I'm digging through some yet unseen photos from polo travels. Today I give you New York!
It was the third time I had a chance to play in "the Pit", one of the most iconic courts in the world. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East Side, it's been home to NYC Bike Polo for over a decade. It's probably the most urban polo location I've ever played at. The pictures from December 2017 don't reveal how cold it was! But for sure It was fun: new crew in the Pit and throw-ins until dusk. Have a look.

san francisco polo revisited

A little bit of a #throwbackthursday today. I haven't been posting much of polo but I still play polo and take pictures! More updates coming!
But first, some catching up to do. These are from October 2017 when I came back to San Francisco after a few years. I was just passing through but I wanted to check out the new polo court in Mission Park. They happened to play that night so I ended up spending hours with the crew, playing throw-ins, hanging out and distributing a little Polish liquor. Thank you San Francisco Bike Polo for such a warm welcome (again!), especially to Forest, who kept lending me his polo bike! 🤘