san francisco bike polo

Although I posted about Lancaster Bike Polo first, San Francisco was actually the first stop on my polo tour of the US this fall. They play at tennis courts in the Mission district, asphalt, lights, no boards, but they improvise with two by fours and garbage cans. Of course I was welcomed with a bottle of scotch.


keystone classic 2

I'm ready to post some of my newest travel polo shots eventually! Keystone Classic took place on October 6th, 2012 and was a Pennsylvania - only tournament (with exceptions of VA, DC, DL, and apparently Poland :). The Cobrah Winfrey team (Thanks Sara and Brian, thanks Tucker for not showing up and letting me sub for you) got kicked out, because Sara (nearly) broke her thumb, but I still had soo much fun playing with the PA boys! Ended up having played 7 games. The Lancaster crew threw a cool, laid back tourney in a beautiful scenery! Check out their blog at lancasterpolo.com, by far one of the most interesting bike polo blogs out there (at least in my opinion.)