the first bench minor in poland

Players from Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin were welcomed at Velove Bench Minor Bike Polo Tournament with super smooth surface, goals and light that successfully ruined most of my pictures from the event. Therefore B&W! Anyway, it was a fun weekend, five teams competed in 30 minute games with obligatory changes every 5 minutes. The game would not stop for the change so many goals were scored out of pure luck. Only on Sunday we learned to have someone in the goal during the change!


  1. This court looks nice! Looking forwzrd to try it when I'm in Poland next July ! Where is it?

  2. This was actually built for the purpose of the tournament. Don't worry though, plenty of other places to play at! Where are you visiting from?

  3. hey it's you Stan,
    I didn't know,
    Patrick from Brussels here, the third from the Poloski Team ... I'll be in Poland for 10 days or so in July...But I'll see you next week in Berlin first!