london open 2013

While the WHBPC 2013 is taking place in Florida, I'm coming up with the late post on the last big tournament - London Open in it's fourth year of existence. It took a while to finally look into the pictures from the Open this year. For the fourth time coming to the Open no athletic success was accomplished, however It was an opportunity to see familiar faces again and play on some of my favorite courts. LO is always a lot of fun. It's not the Worlds, nor the Euros, therefore the competitive aspect is not overwhelming. At the same time though, you do see top quality polo there!
Friday was the bench day (big up for the organizers for making this decision), with the traditional 3 on 3 tourney over the weekend. The Magic Way (Dodi, Emmet, Josh) beat the Milky Way (Will, Clement, Luca) in the first final (disappointing to only see one final). Some off-LO pictures might come up soon, so stay tuned!

waterloo tunnel shortcut
obligatory team photo: poloski: stan, piotr, sebastian
friday was the bench tournament across three courts: brooks, chunk and magic
now, THATS a mega shuffle!
magic on its way
the trophy was superb this year!
open goal!
prize sorting
emmet (the magic way) lives in seattle now ("they love im up there!")
the ceremony
spontaneous group night rides are always fun!

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