polfa fallout

I'm coming up with a couple of pictures from our recent tournament at Polfa, Bike Polo Club Kraków home court.
It was one of the most fun tournaments I've ever experienced and I'm super proud of my friends at BPCK for helping me pull it off! Scarce photo report due to tournamnet organizer's duties [head over to the FB event page for some pictures from other polo zombies.]
Also - check out our special rules at the end of this post. Rules were random for each game including the finals!

Special post apocalyptic rules:
3 LAST GOAL WINS the team to score the last goal scored before the game is over wins
4 DOUBLE SCORE certain parts of the court give you two points per scored goal
5 BACKHAND GOALS only goals scored by backhand give you a score. Any other goals result in ball turnover
6 AGITATED teams make a shuffle. The team with majority of players of the original team wins
7 PLAYER REPLACEMENT each team can replace one player with another player from any team (each player can only sub once)
8 JUMPING JACKS TAPOUT instead of tapping out after a dab, you need to perform five jumping jacks where you dabbed
9 WRECKED MALLETS teams shuffle oldschool mallets from the past of polfa
10 SNIPER MODE tiny goals + no goalies
11 UNARMED PLAYER each team only gets two mallets. Players can switch mallets within the team
12 OBSTACLES obstacles on the court [oil drums]

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  1. Your pictures looks amazing, I can see you had lots of fun! Good luck guys with your next tour! :)