peppermint polo cup leipzig

After a month break I'm finally back here (sorry, EHBPC has taken over my life 100%). So Leipzig was fun, I was there for the first time in like three years and I was glad to see the glimpse of the city again, as well as a few familiar faces. It was one of the best organized tournaments, with breakfast every day, camping one minute from the court, music, BBQ and beers all day long. And crazy tent parties at night (it was raining for like 20 hours straight. WE (Poland) won the tournament (Apollo 3's first victory outside of Poland), and pretty much overwhelmed the event with a blast of energy and like 6 Polish teams. So much fun!

the court was super smooth and grippy!

Madej and Rudy of the Beardless (BPCK)

John represented London bike polo

Balcer (psycho.tropy - BPCK) lives in Berlin but he still plays with the Krakow crew

I always take pictures of Doktor in the goal

classic Leipzig

the polish sector

lights are fun at tournaments

knive fights - Richi vs. Karsten

Sunday was rainy too

command center

plowing the water

that's a nice skid!

good catch, Eddie!

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  1. I like your blog. Can't wait your opinion and pictures about the EHBPC.

    An "old" player from Hungary.