EHBPC 2013 organizers' qualifier

It's been over a month since this event happened, but I've been too busy with all the EHBPC craziness, so here you go eventually. Święto Cykliczne is an annual event hosted in Kraków. It's aim - promote cycling. This year there were 3,000 people including nine bike polo teams. We organized it where the big event took place so there was plenty of work to prepare the court, but we managed! Our goal was to spread the word about the EHBPC, find out which of the local teams qualifies, and throw a fun tourney for other teams (people traveled from different cities, including Warsaw and Poznan). Poloski (Stan, Piotr and Olej) qualified to EHBPC, two more teams from Kraków qualified from the National qualifier. Check out these pictures, it was fun to play in a spot we haven't used in years!

Tony squeezed between the bikes

We don't store our courts like that any more

Had a lot of work preparing the court!

Poloski: Stan and Olej

Spare boards for rain cover

Dawid's birthday toast


Pajac from the Beardless

Mateusz (Warsaw) against Mario (Poznan)

Traditional picture of Doktor in the goal

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